The Greenest Point Street Art



Greenpoint Innovations today announced the launch of The Greenest Point, a sustainability awareness raising street art project, to take Climate Week NYC to the people. Internationally acclaimed artists, Faile, Askew1 & Vexta, will paint murals in Greenpoint & North Williamsburg. In addition, this pioneering street art project will feature interactive elements that will highlight these environmental issues by integrating art with technology, film, sound & public voices.

Studies suggest that New York City could be one of the first major victims of climate change in America, submerged by rising seawaters as this century progresses.

“As climate change is increasingly reaching into the back pockets of our daily lives, we now more than ever need innovative and immersive ways to increase its visibility, comprehensibility and relatability”, said Stephen Donofrio, Principal & Founder of Greenpoint Innovations and The Greenest Point. “That is why we have merged worlds together – street art, new age technologies, media and sustainability. The Greenest Point is designed for our friends, neighbors, and strangers, to stimulate issues- and solutions-based conversations about climate change. These murals will be a constant reminder that Brooklyn cares about its future.”

“The environmental woes in North Brooklyn and the world have largely resulted from a lack of concern for our planet. We did not take the necessary precautions to ensure we were safeguarding our planet. Now we are paying the price as we deal with climate change”, said Assemblyman Joe Lentol. “By bringing attention to the environmental issues that have plagued the world around us we can guarantee that this does not happen again. We can also prevent any future damage through sustainable practices. I applaud The Greenest Point for utilizing art to bringing attention to one of our planet’s most pressing issues.”

Mural wall space donated by the Brooklyn EXPO Center. The Greenest Point will conclude with a speaker series and rooftop wrap party at Northern Territory, overlooking the neighborhood and Manhattan skyline. Music provided by NSR (The Deep NYC).Attendance is free, RSVP is suggested but not required. Space is limited.

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Sponsors of The Greenest Point include: Greenpoint Innovations, Northern Territory, Bernstein & Andriulli, Ironlak, Brooklyn EXPO Center, Crest, SustainaDrone, Philips Color Kinetics, Can USA, Reveal Design Group, Brooklyn SolarWorks  and The Deep NYC.