Totality Hackathon

October 12, 2018 – October 14, 2018 all-day America/New York Timezone
Totality Hackathon

1,000 hackers. 36 Hours.

TotalityHacks was born by asking what would happen if we could design a hackathon from scratch. This re-design started with the organizing team: rather than being organized by students of a singular university and hosted at that university, TotalityHack’s team comes from a wide array of schools across the country. The advantages of this are countless, but as an attendee the biggest difference is focus. Instead of needing to try and cater to beginners from the host school and experienced hackers who travel in, we’re choosing to just cater TotalityHacks to the most committed and experienced hackers.

Moreover, this independence allowed us to choose our location instead of relying on where a school is already located. After a nationwide search we landed at the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York City. New York provides an infinite playground for coding breaks, an amazing food scene, and most importantly our venue is easily accessible to the entire northeast by charter bus and/or train while also having three nearby airports for those flying in.

We’re also taking the opportunity to innovate across the board with the hacker experience. Workshops and tech talks will cater to advanced topics–no more struggling to find something more interesting than “intro to python.” We’ll be announcing exact workshop titles at a later date. We’re also working to optimize the hiccups commonly seen in hackathons. Food distribution won’t be in one place reducing lines. Check in will be fully automated through technology. Activities will be scattered to reduce lines. We’re even going to innovate in category prizes: think category prizes along the lines of best hack without electricity in addition to the usual best hardware hack.

Much of this innovation is possible due to the technology driving TotalityHacks. All of our software will be open sourced on our GitHub account.